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Blast From the Past

Blast from the Past July 2012On July 16th 2008, Jim Gray from Meaford Ontario shocked the angling world by reeling in a 36in pike from the pencil weeds by using……wait for it……a piece of a chocolate chip cookie! -apparently cookie monsters also live in the waters near Miminiska lodge, who knew?

That same week, 13 year old Anna-May Modruson from Glen Ellyn IL, obviously a descendant from a long line of master anglers, managed to land the biggest catch of the week at Mim with a gorgeous 40in pike.

Tim Crane and Al Taylor caught some nice “trophies” out at Strikers with a 26in and a 24in walleye, both taken on jigs

Ending off that week in 2008, Dallas Bergl, CEO of Inova Federal Credit Unions helped kick off our first Project Healing Waters event with a generous donation of $5000.00 and a large cheque for all the soldiers to sign

During the week of July 23rd 2008, Brad Robinson received more than he bargained for out at Zig Zag. Brad earned his Master Angler status for both pike and walleye, and was rewarded with a celebratory dinner served by a bear.

Also that week Chris Clemmons gave us the “skinny” on catching fat walleye out at strikers

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