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Bird Watching Anyone?

Well, actually more like Canadian Cormorant watching! The two pictures above are both cormorants. Cormorants sit low in the water, partially submerged, like loons but have no stripes. However, they do have a hooked beak which they use to catch fish. In a cooperative project with the Ministry of Natural Resources, we are asking guests who have spotted the bird while they were visiting Canada to tell us more about their sighting. A simple e-mail with the dates of your sighting and the lake you were on will help us and the MNR with this bird count project. As for that other Cormorant…if you’ve seen one of these in the wild you or an injured member of your group were likely being picked up by this search and rescue helicopter. with its crew of five, and stretchers for twelve. Fifteen of these big three engine choppers with a crew of 5 and stretchers for 12 have been in our Canadian Search and Rescue service since 2001.

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