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Big Walleye Hit Hard On The Albany

Makok trophy catch Aug 2012This past week at Makokibatan Lodge we welcomed the Melton group from Indiana who lit up the lake claiming 15 Master Angler Walleye for the week. Gene landed three of them, a 28-in, 27-in, and a 26-in all caught on a jig head with a twister tail topped with a leech. Jim  went all out catching an impressive six big trophy Master Angler glass eyes himself. Five at 26-in and one at 27-in caught on jig heads with GULP minnows and leeches. Dave the group leader caught a nice 27-in Walleye also on a jig with a live leech. Larry, who wrote an impressive song about Makokibatan Lake and the staff, snagged a nice 26-in Walleye on a jig head with a leech. The last of this groups catches was a nice 26-in walleye reeled in by Bruce on a jig head with a leech. Jig Heads and leeches sure seem to be the way to go!

Wayne with Lake Trout, Wilderness North staffIt was our pleasure to also welcome the Dufford group from Pennsylvania who were a very entertaining group and caught many nice sized fish. Kevin caught three beautiful Walleye two 26-27-inchers and the biggest of the week, a hefty 29-incher. Overall the fishing was extremely good at Makokibatan Lake, with our return to high production and the registration of many Master Anglers.

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