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Big Storms and Big Pike at Striker’s Point

Master Angler Pike, Wilderness NorthThis week at Striker’s Point Lodge, we hosted the Barren party, the Lichtenbergers, the Docks, and G Saunders (our weather guy). Among those catching and releasing big Pike, were several honourable mentions in the mid to high 30’s…with only one going over the famous 40-inch Master Angler category. John Barren, caught one of the honourable mentions along with a 44-inch trophy, his last day in camp. His trophy was caught in Caribou Bay on a Rapala.

Overall Walleye fishing was productive with some nice sized ‘eyes caught and released…no trophies, but many quality fish. This week’s hot spots were Seagull Island and down the river toward the outflowing of the rapids. We had another huge storm roll through with hail…this seemed to slow fishing down for about a day, but it picked up again that evening. Overall it is still dry out there with high fire dangers, and we are continuing to see some smoke from forest fires in the area .



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