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Big Pikes!

Alan Cheeseman, Wilderness North PresidentI am pleased to report that those 40+ inch pike keep being located, caught and released by our guests. Last week we reported pike fishing as “Spotty” but this week “Spectacular” may be a better term. And the ones we don’t mention enough are those strong mid to high 30’s” that guests tell us about as well. This week Whitewater, Butland, Arril, and Musgrave Lake are all in the pike spotlight.

trophy pike, Wilderness North 2006And one look at this 45in big boy that Tammy Clayton of Wellsville, KS is holding pretty much says it all. She wrestled “Mr. Toothy” from ten feet or more of water on a Rapala Rattlin’ suspended lure (Blue and Orange) Matthew Bryant of Wilton, CT had a 42” Pike, and William Westfall of Antioch, IL. had a 40.5” pike. Mike Weger of Moline, IL also scored at 40” pike.

CJ 42in Pike, Musgrave 2006What they all had in common was Strikers Point Lodge, our American Plan facility on the east end of Whitewater Lake. Corey Egan and Ron Winscher of Peirz, MN had 43” and 42” inchers from Arril Lake. Pam Price of Sturgeon Bay WI and Bob Buckman of Green Bay had a 45.5” at our Butland outpost cabin. C. J. Beysselance of Wildwood, MO. caught his 42” pike on a fire tiger shad rap,at Musgrave outpost. The patterns here were suspended fish, on spoons and diving lures in 10 feet + of water, and a few in low light shallow water conditions. All guests reported releasing these great Northern Pike. Thanks.

26in Walleye Ogoki Lake 2006What About Walleye? Good question, and here’s an even better answer. All guests reported another week of successful walleye fishing. All you want at all locations. Again, most were caught on jigs with live or artificial tails. Hats off to Christian Funk, out at Ogoki Lake, where he has been fishing with his dad since he was old enough to hold his own tackle box. His 26” walleye was the biggest reported, making him our Walleye Master Angler of the week. Here’s a tip from Christian. Fish deep. Fish Slow. Walleye feel like dead weight when they first take the bait…but hang on once they realize they’re hooked.

Bright Day=Bright Lure. Dark Day=Dark Lure. – We can’t say that too often.

Good Fishing,

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