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Big Pike Still Lurking at Striker’s

At Striker’s Point on Whitewater Lake, the big girls are still out to play especially around the Ogoki River. Deep, shallow, weeds, rocks, you name it the area between the river and the Bay of Pigs was sure hot this week. Using the current to their advantage Lee and his party of 8 friends worked the outflow with much success landing 2 lunkers within 30 min of each other from different structures. Their good fortune continued and by weeks end they totalled 6 pike over 40 inches and many walleye between 20 – 24 inches. The 42-inch beauty pictured above was caught in the early afternoon on a gold Williams warbler. Weather conditions were warm with partly cloudy skies and winds from the east blowing at 5 to 10 mph.

Hotspots for the week included the rock structure on the right side of river which they named “The Cathedral” because the tree line behind it made a perfect arch, the area across from the Bay of Pigs now known as “Omaha”, and the area across from Striker’s which was given the moniker “Two Rock Bay”. Spoons, spinners, and crank baits were all effective at attracting big fish depending on the day’s conditions.

All serious anglers, the group of 8 fished pretty hard all week and on the way home sure felt the strain on their arms from the thousands of casts and numerous fights with large pike. All of them that is except for Steve who, after much discussion, finally revealed his training secret: In preparation for the long days of bountiful catches Steve made a small fishing pole with a weight attached to the end. While running on the treadmill he would use the weighted rod and simulate casting. It may have looked odd, but it sure worked and is something he will be doing again during the off season… Instead of packing on the muscle relaxants give it a try, it might even work for you.

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