Catches at Moj Aug 3, 2011It was with great pleasure that we recently welcomed the Szurgot group of eight from Kentucky USA. Dan, Cliff, Ron, and their son’s Josh, Andrew, and Conner, were joined by two newcomers to the group, Joe and Drake. It was their first fishing trip to Mojikit Channel. The first trip up the channel to the “honey hole” at the end of the rocky point, going into Ogoki Reservoir, had Josh landing a 40-inch Northern Pike… Needless to say it made his day and his trip worthwhile. His dad, Cliff, joked, “Josh is now finished with fishing, content to call it a great fishing trip.” Later in the week Drake the young new guy to the group, caught and released a 42-inch Northern Pike, making his first fishing trip a great success. Great weather made for great fishing. As a reward for catching lots of Walleye and Northern Pike, camp managers Boyce and Alma treated this group to a dinner on the lawn, featuring: Walleye au gratin for an appetizer, deep fried Walleye, potato salad, and “bush” beans with Alma’s home made bread and chocolate cake for dessert. The following day, Alma and Boyce were invited to dinner with the group, where they enjoyed a great meal and a lovely chat.

All of us at Wilderness North look forward to seeing the Szurgot group again at Mojikit.