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Big Pike at Dawn Lake

As the season draws to a close, we still have a few avid anglers who know that Fall is a great time to be in the Boreal Forest, fishing the “Fall Frenzy” – especially for big Pike.

Congratulations to Robin Keller of North Carolina, who caught and released a 41 inch Northern Pike, while casting his diving Rapala up at Dawn Lake.

Other groups at both Mojikit and Kenozhe Lakes, are reporting really good numbers, but no Master Anglers. It seems the big Pike are coming up shallow to chase down the Walleyes, especially at low light times of the day.

Next week, Chris Clemmons and his group will be out at D’alton Lake, the final group in our GULP vs Live research. These anglers really know that body of water, and they like to fish with big Ciscoes, so the “face off” should be interesting.

In last week’s report we mentioned that Mark Fell at Zig Zag had a great trip – oops – that should have been Mike Fell, who did – by the way – have a great trip – and joins the ranks of 195 Master Anglers (124 Pike and 71 Walleye) for the 2008 season. Remember that record Pike may be just a cast away! My podcast is just a click away!
…Krista Cheeseman

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