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Big Pike and Countless Walleye

Yet another great week of fishing here a Striker’s Point. To start off, this week we congratulated two master anglers: Ben P, for landing a 40in pike and Robert C, for his 41 incher. Ben caught his lovely trophy off the south side of Cedar Island on a pink jig and gulp leech. Rob’s hefty catch was in the narrows on a shad rap. Congratulations guys!

After enduring a few days of adverse weather, our guests were eager to spend full days in the boat, and luckily the fish were happy to comply. Ben and his party did quite well in the narrows, catching 30 walleyes per person for the morning average. Changing tactics the group hit the Bay of Pigs and a tiny island near Caribou Bay, which they named Cedar Island, in search of big pike. For lures they used: jigs ( white ones especially) , bottom bouncers, rapalas, and spoons. As for bait they chose: leeches, grub, and gulp alive.

Sticking close to camp, in case the weather decided to take another turn, the father son team of Jim and Jason, did fairly well this week as well. More interested in sharing the experience than keeping count, these anglers reported that the island directly south of camp was a real hot spot for walleye. Assorted jigs tipped with grub and gulp alive seemed to be the best combination for attracting walleye.

With warming temperatures and hot fishing, Striker’s Point is the place to seek out that trophy fish you have always been dreaming about.

Until next time,
The staff at Striker’s

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