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Big Cold Fronts!

cold front, 2006 Wilderness NorthNow to a subject fishermen talk about a lot. The weather. Not just the weather but weather fronts. So let me share with you what I’ve learned as the science of cold fronts. If you talk to the folks at Environment Canada about cold fronts, they’ll tell you cold fronts are the dramatic replacement of high temperatures and high humidity levels with colder and dryer air masses, AND, most importantly an upward swing in the barometer. And it’s the high barometric pressure that drives fish deep and curbs their appetites. And while these fronts give us a relief from the “Summer Time Blues”…they often cool down the “Hot Bite” as well.

So here’s a simple hint of how to have fishing success even on the backside of a cold front. Slow Down. Size Down. Using smaller more subtle lures and bait, fish the windward sides of troughs, saddles, points and drops offs. Drift over areas you might otherwise troll with your motor running. Lindy Rigs, Bottom Bouncers, whatever it takes to get all the way to the bottom of the deepest water you can find is a sure fire way to find these retreating walleyes. In addition, areas of moving water or heavy cover are great spots to find fish even if skies are blue and the sun is out…and everybody is saying, “It’s a beautiful day, eh?”

Alan & KristaNow on the Krista “Fishing Goddess” matter. She really has been quite nice about it. (that big fish thing I talked about last week) And I am back to regular food again. WHEW! But I noticed she has dropped her interest in on-line shopping at women’s fashion web sites, and I actually caught her on the Cabela’s site last night. She is beginning to tell the girls more about fishing and the outdoors and that sort of thing. Last night Megan asked her if people go through a “Post Spawn” cycle and she said, “Time for bed girls”.

I’ll keep you posted on that one.

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