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Better Weather – Better Fishing

This past week was Holiday week up here on the Albany River at  Makokibatan Lodge,
Our most recent weather, compared to last week’s stormy windy conditions, was very summery, including a mayfly hatch.  And the fishing was good as well.

The Scherer group from Ohio, were definitely avid fisherman. They got out every day with one of our Native guides, Joe Misewace, who did not disappoint, helping them land lots of Walleye over 23 inches and plenty of nice sized Pike. Cody from Circleville reeled in the only Master Angler of the week for the group, a nice 26-inch Walleye. Cody got the Walleye on a jig with a Gulp Alive leech.

Makok Master Angler Walleye, Wilderness NorthThe Crum party from Ohio – Grandpa Dick and grandsons Andrew and Ryan – were aided by another one of our First Nation guides, Andrew Misewace, and were all over the Walleye – all week long. They seemed to have trouble landing a fish under 24 inches. Young Ryan was a very excited 10 year old with the nice 27 ½-inch Walleye he caught on a trusty Erie Deery spinner. Congrats to Dick, for teaching those grand kids there is more to life than facebook and video games.

The photos above prove the point. A picture IS worth a thousand words. We love it when guests share their photos with us.

There are a few rules.

  • All trophy fish pictures should be of the fish in a horizontal format. Our belief in “catch and release,” has taught us that the highest survival rate for fish is the result of  carefully landed fish and for fish that are always handled on a horizontal plane.
  • Take the photo with the sun over the shoulder of the photographer, shining on the angler and the fish and leave plenty of space around the angler and the fish, making cropping for our use that much more successful.
  • Then carefully release the fish into the lake or stream, so that it can swim off. Keep the fish out of the water for a very short time…just enough time to get the photo.

If you plan to have a trophy for your den, take the photo to a taxidermist (we can send you a brochure on a company we really like) and they will create a beautiful replica for you, painting the details from your photo on your trophy mount.

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