Fishing Report from Wilderness North's Striker's Point Lodge

Celebrating 30 Years of Wilderness North  –          

Beginners Luck Does Rub Off

The Miles party from Thunder Bay thoroughly enjoyed their first time here at Strikers Point Lodge. The couple enjoyed some amazing fishing and great shore lunches with their new friends from the Weber party. The Miles’s had a blast catching some fair sized pike and walleye.

Lady Luck seemed to be on the side of the Weber party as Doc Syers reeled in a beautiful 30in walleye in the eddies down river from Strikers. Like a true master of his craft, the Doc kept his fishing secrets to himself but thankfully shared the photo included in the left of the header. The Weber party also managed to catch a rock bass of all things.

Wilderness North Master Anglers July 21 2012

Although not native to the area, rock bass have managed to occasionally surprise our avid anglers every now and again. Zach Huffman, for example, caught the unusual specimen while fishing off the rocks on “shore lunch” island one sunny afternoon in mid-July of 2008… Since we seem to be heading down the path of nostalgia it might be a great time to enjoy a … Blast From The Past

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