Wilderness North imagery, 2012Boyce and Alma have outdone themselves again as they hosted the Januszewski group. After struggling a short while at the usual honey holes near the channel and around moose crossing, the Januszewski group headed towards the coves along the Ogoki reservoir near the Waboose Dam and had a great time catching pike and walleye cast after cast. The largest walleye caught was 24 in. The group also spent a lot of time on the left shoreline from the channel to moose crossing. It was here that first time guest Del caught the largest Pike of the trip measuring 38 in (side bar picture)… beginner’s luck maybe?

Although there were no master anglers in this group, the friends had a great time at Mojikit as group leader Dan J recounts:
One of my more unusual fishing experiences occurred this time out: A pike broke my partner’s line right at the boat and got away with his lure. A few casts later and that same pike went after my line. As I reeled it in and up into the boat, I realized I had actually got my lure tangled with the lure that was in the fish’s mouth. Sure enough once the pike was in the boat, my partner, Mike K, asked for his lure back!!!!