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Beep Beep Beep -Is that the walleye?

Wilderness North Walleye StudyWilderness North is inviting guests to participate in a study of walleye genetics that is being conducted by Trent University for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Ontario Power Generation. The study will use DNA analysis to investigate the genetic relationships among stocks of walleye in Zig Zag Lake, Mojikit Lake/Ogoki Reservoir, Ogoki Lake and Lake Nipigon. Guest anglers on these lakes – who wish to participate – will collect a small piece of a fin from walleye that are filleted during their trip. Instructions and collection envelopes are provided to willing guests.

In addition, Ontario Power Generation is conducting a walleye movement study in Zig Zag Lake and the Little Jackfish River. Acoustic transmitters (like the one in the palm) have been implanted in walleye that were caught and released alive. Receivers (the black cylinder being held by a study scientist) will be deployed underwater at several locations to detect the fish travel, including the top end and bottom end of ZigZag Lake.

The findings from these two studies will be reviewed by planning authorities considering a construction plan for a power generation dam along the Jackfish River. The current plan will NOT require the closing of ZigZag Lake, unlike earlier plans that called for flooding the area.

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