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Beating Cancer on a Bike

For those guests who have been coming to Armstrong for their Fly In Fishing Adventures for over a decade,  the name Ken Webster may ring a bell. He was a young float-plane pilot for us in the mid 1990’s. Today Ken is an investigator for the Canadian Government’s Transportation Safety Board, and often the first to arrive on the scene of airplane mishaps to begin the process of determining the cause of the accident.
In early June 2010  Ken is jumping on his mountain bike in Toronto and heading some 200 kilometers (about 125 miles) for a two day ride to Niagara Falls. Ken is part of the national bike ride in Canada to raise money for cancer research. We have given Ken a wilderness adventure for four to sell, with all the proceeds going to the cause. And in June we will report on his ride right here in our newsletter. Click to listen to a podcast with Ken. You may visit a website about the national event now in its third year all across Canada.

We hope you will join us in celebrating his wife’s recovery from kidney cancer, and pledge your support for Ken’s ride with your personal donation or call him to bid on the trip he’s selling. His phone number is 905-747-0024. He loves to talk fishing and can tell you more about his life in aviation in Canada. You may also contact him by e-mail.

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