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Bacon Wrapped Walleye

Krista cooking, Wilderness North staffIt’s hard to believe that another season has concluded. It has been a great year-lots of fish, sunshine and good memories made. It may be hard to believe, but we are already planning for the next year -bookings are well under way! Part of those preparations for the upcoming summer includes revamping the food services for next year. That means that we need some input, from you, our guests. So, inquiring minds want to know! What is your favourite meal at the lodge? Your Favourite dessert? Your ideas are very important to us! On that note,email me with any suggestions you have for meal/dessert ideas.

This week, for our recipe, we have the ever popular bacon wrapped walleye appetizer that we serve at happy half hour. Simple, but delicious, they are always a camp favourite. With football season in full swing these tasty bites also make the perfect half time snack.

Happy Cooking,

 Cooking with Wilderness NorthBacon Wrapped Walleye (or Scallops)

  •  Cut walleye into bite size pieces
  • Partially cook bacon
  • Wrap walleye or scallops in bacon (yum!)
  • Secure bacon with toothpick
  • Baste with soya sauce
  • Bake until walleye is translucent and bacon is a bit crispy
  • Serve with your choice of sauce BBQ, etc!


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