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Baby…It’s Warm Outside?

Alan CheesemanFor all of us here in Thunder Bay, and points North, having high temperatures near 20f is warm in February. Is it a global warming event – a weather fluke – or what? Graham Saunders may have a clue, see his column, and enjoy his podcast on global warming in the Boreal Forests of Northwestern Ontario.

Wilderness North resource staffDr. Jenni McDermid, field researcher for Wildlife Conservation Society of Canada has filed a grant application to learn more about the long-lived fresh water sturgeon. In doing so, she has named Wilderness North as a co-partner in gathering information from species our guests catch and release. We receive NO money for our help, but are glad to assist in this tissue sampling experiment. Her podcast discusses the grant application, plus updates us on her ongoing lake trout studies.

Speaking of lake trout, Tyler Lancaster, our outdoor resource specialist at Striker’s Point Lodge puts his college studies on lake trout to work as he proposes a theory on why “lakers” are often caught in mid-May at the in-flow of the Ogoki River near our Whitewater Lodge. Read his column, and listen to his podcast.

Last but not least, here are two very important reminders:

1. This year – 2009 – is the year every arriving guest – by air or by motor vehicle – must have a Passport from their country of origin. If you are a US citizen and need more information about getting your passport – click here – the process can take about three weeks so plan accordingly.

Ontario outdoors card2. This year – 2009 – is also the year that every guest must purchase an Ontario Outdoors Card (three years $27) and a fishing license (about $35). Best of all, this can be done on the phone, with a credit card. Just call 1-800-667-1940. When you hear the menu selections, choose “Speak to an Agent.” The process takes less than two minutes. Your temporary paper Ontario Outdoors Card, and your fishing license will be mailed to your home address. For more background you may listen in to our interview with Burton McClelland. You will receive your “plastic card” around July 10. In the future, you can complete the transaction on the internet.

On Monday, Krista, the girls, and I enjoyed some snowmobiling on the holiday we call “Family Day” here in Canada, while our neighbors in the US celebrated President’s Day.  Now back to work – with just about 90 days to opening weekend, the clock is ticking.

I enjoy your notes and e-mails. Keep them coming.

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