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Autumn = Big Lure & Big Fish

Joe Pichey, Wilderness North specialistWe are starting to gear up for our final big push of the season as we usually do in late August.  As I have told many guests, this is my favorite time of the season to pursue giant trophy fish. The weather is typically a little more stable and the bugs begin to disappear. (Don’t hold me to this statement if it turns out to be 100% false when you arrive!) Among many things I have noticed in recent years regarding late season fishing in Canada is that the fish get bigger and go deeper. While we don’t typically see the huge daily numbers that are present in June, we do see more big fish. I’ll never forget a conversation that I had with Alan about 5 years ago while I was still a guest and looking for a new outpost to try. He told me that we will see a larger percentage of trophy fish come from the end of August thru the middle of September than any other time of the season.  This does not mean that we will have more trophy fish than in June. However it does mean that a greater percentage of guests will record Master Angler fish. We see about 50% of our guests come thru in June (we are very impatient as fisherman), but the guys that can wait a little longer (or just come up for a second visit) are often rewarded with 45-inch plus northern or a 30-inch walleye. In short our odds are better

Wilderness North fly in fishingDon’t be afraid to bring some big baits with you. The 5-inch hollow bellied swim baits are big this time of the season. The walleye really do gobble them up as well as ol’ Ms.Toothy. The Mepps Syclops -top photo-is also a great spoon to throw.  It has some weight to it and can get down deep. (Electric Blue is my favorite color.) Another lure that I am starting to see more and more of is the Michigan Special. The  Storm Lure company’s Hot – N – Tot – bottom photo.  This deep diving walleye killer has the wobble that they can’t resist. Make sure and pick up a few before you hit the road north.

The Vozza group from Sparta, New Jersey came equipped with the standard jigs and spoons and ventured into Arril for the first time. The guys had a great time, but had to battle the dreaded cold front. As we all know, this can slow the action down a bit. They still had a great time and made some new friends and are already looking forward to coming back.  See you soon guys.

As I write this report, from the comforts of Miminiska Lodge, I look at the “Friends” board located behind the Mim bar and count the pictures of smiling faces that have come through this season. It reminds me of all the new friends we have made in 2010 and the many old friends with whom we have renewed fond memories.
This truly is a special place!

As always, I look forward to hearing from you. Send me an email.
Joe Pichey -Outdoors Specialist

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