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Audubon Boreal Story Update

Birding at Wilderness NorthEddie Nickens, outdoor writer and associate editor for Field and Stream and the Audubon magazine has filed his story on the boreal forests of Ontario. In the January/February issue of theAudubon magazine, Eddie will recap his investigative project from July 2008.Wilderness North planes and outfitting services were used for the project and Alan was interviewed representing the recreational industry point of view.

In addition to talking to local tourism business leaders, lumber company executives, First Nation leaders, and MNR staff, he joined Jeff Wells on a four day canoe/birding adventure down the Albany River. Dr. Wells is a world famous birder, and the birds of the boreal are a focus of Eddie’s article as well.

Wilderness North, Boreal ForestIn his podcast Eddie, gives us a sneak preview of the Audubon article, scheduled for publication in mid-January 2009. He also celebrates the Boreal Preservation Act signed into law by Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty. This act protects 50% of the wilderness, north of the Albany River, from future mining or lumbering. You can learn more about what Eddie calls this “forward thinking” landmark legislation here.

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