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April is the cruelest Month

A quick review: The seasons are winter, spring, summer and autumn. Don’t be surprised that you have to adjust your thinking this year. Most readers in central North America have experienced and grumbled about what seems like perpetual winter. Cool temperatures and snowfalls this year provide a sharp contrast with a year ago.

There is a chance that this year we will seem to miss the spring season by shifting from winter like conditions to what feels like early summer within one week.Temperatures are predicted to become seasonal in the next few days and then climb to above seasonal on the weekend and early next week. This rapid change is likely to make some nervous because of the long delayed spring melt.

Even ice-fishing has its problems. Yes, ice-out on inland lakes is behind schedule but with the warmer conditions and the height of the sun being similar to that of August 20 – slush and unreliable ice are safety issues.

This warmer weather will probably avoid the dubious honour of the coldest April on record but close enough. Both March and now April have been cooler than average in our regions. In spite of this, the global average temperature in March tied with 2006 for 8th warmest in records dating back to 1880, i.e. 125 years were cooler. I bet the cool April in central North America drags the global average down but this April is similar to March and places it in or near the top 10 for cold temperature records.  Thunder Bay had a record low on April 21. This April is on track to be one of the coolest on record, but probably the 1950 mean temp in Thunder Bay of -2.2 C is secure.

Here’s to spring,

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