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Another Amazing Week

Katelyn Johnson, Wilderness North Staff

The Nicklaus group from Wisconsin had an amazing week at Striker’s Point Lodge, with some memorable catches. Steve caught a 42 inch northern at Windsor Rapids located in the narrows while jigging for walleye with help from guide Ryan Lacey. Jim was jigging for walleye in this week’s “honey hole.” After catching MANY walleye, he was bringing in a 15 incher when an enormous pike charged in from the depths. The pike jumped out of the water and grabbed onto the walleye, refusing to let go. It was a very short fight thanks to Greg’s amazing netting skills. He managed to get both fish in the boat before the net broke. Jim takes credit for this week’s largest catch at 46 inches! Congratulations, Jim and Steve now both Master Anglers! This group also had a great week fishing for walleye. On the first day they caught over 350 fish in various spots down river. Steve Anderson also caught some very large walleye, the biggest one was just shy of master angler status at 24.5 inches.

schroeder's SPL 2010, Wilderness NorthLarry from Oshkosh, Wisconsin celebrated his 15th fishing trip to Canada by bringing along his family, which included three generations. One day, the group managed to catch and release well over 200 walleye. They enjoyed the great fishing and beautiful scenery so much, that they spent at least 12 hours on the lake every day.

We had some extremely warm, sunny days this past week with cool and windy weather expected today…but Graham says it will warm up by this weekend. So please remember to pack sun hats and SPF 15 when you are preparing for your own fly-in adventure!

Hope to see you soon.
…Katelyn Johnson

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