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An Ode to the North

There’s something about the north that gets in your blood. A single trip into Ontario’s boreal forest will have you daydreaming for a return all season long. Though it’s impossible to put your finger on one single moment, there is a call from the north that is difficult to ignore. The north is extraordinary in its makeup, its opportunity and its expanse.

So what is it about the north that draws people back?

The People – Northerners are a people of community. It’s not uncommon for strangers to smile or nod while passing on the street, offering a friendly “good morning” while waiting in line for the day’s first double-double. It’s refreshingly friendly in an often fast-paced, head down, get-it-done kind of world.  People of the north are generally a kind, caring bunch. They work hard and play hard.

The Weather – The people of Ontario’s northland are a remarkably resilient bunch, working, playing and living in some of the most challenging of environments. It doesn’t matter if it’s 30 degrees above zero, (100 Fahrenheit) or 60 degrees below, (damn cold) the people of the north have learned to embrace that which Mother Nature throws at them. It’s about being outside and loving all four seasons. The weather doesn’t hinder outdoor recreational opportunities in the north, there is always something happening both on the land and on the water (or ice) – no matter the temperature.

The Wildlife – The north is a wild place with a plethora of creatures big and small. From tiny tree frogs to enormous bull moose, Northern Ontario is teeming with wildlife. Sturgeon, the ancient dinosaurs of fresh water, soaring bald and golden eagles and the seemingly always searching black bears are but a few examples of the diversity of wildlife the north has to offer. Eco-hunters (photographers) have long reveled in the opportunity to sit still in the boreal forest awaiting a visitor from the bush.

The land – The land is where it all happens, where everything happens. When you step onto the land in northern Ontario, for many, it’s like a breath of fresh air (literally!) There is purity to it. The sun seems a little more sharp, the air that much more clean and the water often drinkable. The vibe of the north is the heartbeat of the land and all over, it’s palpable.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to venture north, consider doing it and doing it soon! It really doesn’t matter the season either, all four have plentiful opportunities for art, culture, adventure and sport! But be warned, once you step foot in Ontario’s north, it will change you. The north gets in your blood, and is all but impossible to ignore.


A Southerner.

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