Fishing Report from Wilderness North's Striker's Point Lodge

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All Set at Striker’s

Greetings from Strikers Point Lodge on the beautiful and expansive, 28,000 acre Whitewater Lake! With water levels at almost an all- time high, we should go ahead and add a few thousand acres to that measuring this spring. Yes, there is no shortage of lake to explore this year as Whitewater Lake is fuller than ever. Despite the extra surface area adding more hiding places for Pike and Walleye, fishing has been great this season.

John Decker and Duane Bailey, a few of our first guests of the season, enjoyed plentiful catches of walleye from some heavily populated spring honey holes. The Narrows, Goldsborough Creek, and McKinley Creek all held great numbers of fish. By the end of their stay, the ‘eyes had already begun setting up in main lake points and along the shorelines. Trolling clown coloured jointed rapalas, and shad raps in the early evening produced steady hook sets. Standard 3/8 oz Jig heads tipped with live minnows, leeches, and especially larger sucker minnows were extremely efficient in the deeper current areas.

As for the larger and much moodier northern pike, it was hard work throughout the week. The timing of post spawn and drastic weather changes combined to shut them down some. Trolling flashy, light, and larger spoons seemed to be the only way to ignite a strike. Duane and John managed a few pike in the mid 30” range that came off rocky drop offs close to deep water. Minimal numbers of aggressive Pike were located in any of the weedy, shallow areas. As the season progresses and the summer weather continues this will soon change.

It has been much of the same for some of this past week’s guests: Rob, Jim, and Erol, from Duluth Minnesota –great numbers of Walleye and a few decent Pike. Walleye fishing has been superb, and the largest of Pike are sure to come around soon. Stay tuned to see where they are hiding. Striker’s employee Matt ‘Lucky Lures’ Parkes got a quick taste of large northern during an early season evening fish. He managed to toss a 5in pearl swim bait into the path of a real slob. Matts 45in Master Angler pike was a personal best and this season’s pike catch to beat so far.

SPL staff 2013, Wilderness NorthThe rest of our unbelievable staff consisting of Deborah Cheeseman, Jess Fairs, Christy Boucher, Matt Parkes, and myself, Tyler Lancaster, look forward to greeting you at our dock (now underwater), and helping you to discover what a real Wilderness Adventure is made of…

Until then,

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