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Albany River Lake Report

With the exception of a few rainy days at Makokibatan Lodge, fishing has had a wonderful start:
Wilderness North fly in fishingThe Gildea group from Michigan – first time guests at Makokibatan – registered a total of 8 Master Angler trophies. Pete caught three master angler walleyes – two at 27″ and one at 26 ½, John got a 26 ½, John B 27 ½, Derek, a first time angler was really excited, with two trophy walleye a 26 ½, and 27″.  All these trophies were caught in “walleye alley” on black jigs. Michael finally got one as well the last evening at the cut in the back lake.

The Pavalica group gave it their best to land a master angler pike but fell a few inches short. None the less, a number of 30-36 inch pike were caught and released by the group as well as dozens of walleye in between. Their choice of lures were black and silver Rapala floating minnows, slow trolled in the inlets and shallow bays. Dean caught his first master angler walleye which was almost as big as the grin on his face.

Wilderness North staffAll the boys out this week enjoyed freshly fried walleye at our spring shore lunch island. Eli, our seasoned native guide, showed the group some of our finest fishing spots which resulted in the many success stories.
…Meryl & Bernard Carroll

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