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Can I drive to the lodge/cabin?

All of our lodges and cabins are accessible only by floatplane. Our seaplane base is located 2.5 hours north of Thunder Bay. Guests can drive to our base or fly in to Thunder Bay, rent a car and drive to the base. We operate a DeHavilland Turbine Otter.

Will activities be organized for my family alone or do we participate with other guests?

Your family or group will be given the opportunity to do both, provided social distancing measures and masking are followed.

Can I have my meals delivered to my cabin instead of eating in the main lodge?


Will there be other guests on the same floatplane flight to the lodge?

Yes, their could be. We follow Transport Canada regulation with sanitizing planes between flights and every passenger is required to be masked.

Are travelers from other provinces allowed to stay at WN?

Currently, we cannot accommodate guests from out of the province, but we anticipate the current lockdown to be lifted at the end of May.

Does Wilderness North have the Safe Travel Stamp?


Are the staff trained in proper cleaning protocols in regards to covid?

Wilderness North has always had high cleaning standards, the new protocols are not far off what we were already doing. So, yes!

What is the capacity of the lodges? How has this been modified due to covid?

As each lodge has several cabins, we are able to give guests their own space. We can accommodate up to 24 people, in 5 cabins. The lodge is sanitized several times a day and we either stagger meal times if necessary or deliver meals to the comfort of your cabin.

What Covid protocols are being implemented at the lodges?

Mandatory social distancing & masks. Sanitizing of boats, communal areas and touch points several times daily. Optional eating arrangements ie: delivery to cabin or staggered meal times

Is it safe to travel to Thunder Bay?

Yes! It is a long day of driving or can be broken up in 2 days. We can recommend points of interest and places to stay along the way.

Is Northwestern Ontario a Covid hotspot?

No, Thunder Bay did have several cases in March, but the numbers have greatly reduced after the onset of the latest lockdown.

How do we get to the lodge?

Located 2.5 hours north of Thunder Bay, ON, we can be reached by driving or flying into Thunder Bay Airport and renting a car for the last leg of the drive.

Striker’s Point Lodge Adventure

Full Service Adventure

Prices Starting from $4999 for a group of 4

Fly deep into the heart of Wabakimi Provincial Park in an iconic bush plane to begin your stay at Strikers Point Lodge.  Spend your days enjoying the full service amenities as well as various activities – topped off by spectacular sunsets.

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Whitewater Family Adventure

Rustic Riverside Getaway

Prices starting at $3395 for a group of 4

Nestled in the trees at the mouth of the Ogoki River you will find the charming, rustic location of your wilderness vacation.  The days are yours to plan – fish, swim or just relax and let yourself hit reset at Whitewater Lodge.

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Arril Lake Private Getaway

A Lake to Call Your Own

Prices starting at $4295 for a group of 4

Picture yourself on your own lake – no other people or boats – just your group, enjoying the serene surroundings. Take a front row seat to all nature has to show you and immerse in the true do-it-yourself wilderness experience

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Dawn Lake Private Getaway

Your Own Lake, Your Way

Prices starting from $4295 for a group of 4

Located at the apex of a rocky point, X marks the spot for your private getaway in the single cabin on Dawn Lake.  Take your time exploring the channels by day and stargazing at night by the bonfire.  Your time is your own – do whatever you please – eat, sleep and explore – no timetable required.

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Paddle Wabakimi

Dip, Dip and Swing Your Way Across Whitewater Lake

Prices starting from $5200 for a group of 4

Experience the best of both worlds in this fully immersive wilderness trip.  This adventure is great for the experienced and novice paddler alike.  A combination adventure with both camping out and lodge stays as you paddle across Whitewater Lake finishing at Striker’s Point Lodge enjoying the full service amenities.

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