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A Week for the Record Books

Mark Prokopchuk, Wilderness North staffHi From Mark at the Armstrong Base
Imagine one week and over thirty-seven Master Angler fish registered. That’s never happened at Wilderness North before. Well, imagination became reality this past week when the Northern Pike of Northwestern Ontario came out to play. And they played hard. They seemed to be hitting on anything and everything. Even un-skirted jig heads. Some groups had Master Angler Pike (40 inches plus) for everyone in the group.

The waters that produced the most pike were Whitewater Lake and Ogoki Lake. And listen to this. Rod Gallero had five Pike over forty inches. Wayne Johnston had four, and Guy Treaskis had three. Twenty-one giant Pike came to anglers at Whitewater Lodge, at the inflow of the Ogoki River as it forms Whitewater Lake. They seemed to be stacked up and hungry. Four big pike were also recorded by the Jenness party out at Zig Zag. Of the 37 Master Angler fish caught and released, 35 were big Pike.

Our Master Angler 2008 Report will be available next week on the download section of the website – and my podcast is ready for you to hear. Listen Now.
…Mark Prokopchuk

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