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A Little of This! – A Little of That!

Joe Pichey, Wilderness North staffWe know that the soLunar calendar is important to a lot of outdoors enthusiasts; especially those seeking every little advantage in locating and catching trophy fish and bountiful stringers. This past weekend’s full moon was a beauty. (See sidebar about Easters always changing date.) Well, that next full moon is May 6th, and the new moon, which many anglers consider the most favorable, is on opening weekend, May 20th. We have calculated a custom soLunar calendar for our longitude and latitude here in northwest Ontario. You may find it in the publication section of the website. It even includes sunrise/sunset times. I’ll keep you posted on those lucky anglers who get to fish both the opener and new moon.

I just recently saw a photo rich one page guide for fishing with artificial worms. It is in the April edition of the North American Fishing Club’s magazine. If you are not a member of the excellent angler community, and do not get the publication, I’ll send you an e-mail of the article with an attached PDF. Click here to request yours. Type WORMS in the subject line.

On the tackle front, I am intrigued about two new lures for anglers. One is The Bleeder Chain, a series of red beads that attach – by o-rings – to any lure in your tackle box simulating a bleeding bait. Here’s the website.

The other is a possible solution to swimming crank baits through grassy or woody areas that always create snags. It’s called theSebile D&S Crank Bait, and incorporates an extended flat tail that protects an upturned hook. When bitten, the hook point is elevated to hook the fish. Here’s the website.  Click!

I really enjoyed the article called “Three Pitches Walleyes Swing At” in the May 2012 In-Fisherman Magazine. Author Matt Straw equates casting and retrieving techniques and lure selection to a professional baseball pitcher’s choices. Curve ball, fast ball, change up. Matt is from Brainerd, Minnesota. Hint: Throw the heat to catch aggressive walleyes off base. Use the “change up” for those finicky glass eyes. I’ll send you a PDF – if you click here – and type Three Pitches in the subject line.

And finally – here’s good news for those who know the risks of skin cancer. It is a pair of 50+UVF rated flexible, breathable, contoured fitting gloves that protect both the hand and wrist. It’s called Buff Water Gloves. Here’s the website.

I always enjoy hearing from you – tight lines.
Joe Pichey
Outdoor Expert – Adventure Planner
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