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A Great End to a Great Season

We have come to the end of another fishing season and Striker’s Point Lodge is closed up for the long cold winter. Reflecting on the past four months, all that I can say to sum it up is “Unbelievable.” Overall the weather was kind to us, and the fish even kinder.

Striker's Point Fishing Report, September 2008

With us for our last week were the Holby’s from Chicago. This was their second trip to Striker’s Point in as many years. Things got off to a slow start when a massive cold front moved in and shut a lot of the fishing off. However, when temperatures stabilized the Holby’s found they were in the middle of a feeding frenzy. Rich caught a 26″ Walleye while jigging in the river. His son Ricky and friend Kenny both caught 25″ wally’s also while jigging in the river. Jerry stole the spotlight after that with three huge Northerns, a 47″, a 46″, and a 43″ – all were caught in the river channel just east of Striker’s. Jerry just kept on surprising me, his 47″ was caught on a jig and 8lb test mono with no leader and a light action rod just after a lull in a Walleye feeding frenzy. Both of his other monsters came while trolling Williams Whitefish spoons in about 8-9 ft. of water. He caught one on the silver spoon and one on the gold. Great job Jerry!

Tyler LancasterThat’s six more trophies for Striker’s Point and another happy group of fishermen. I look forward to seeing everyone back for the 2009 season and wish you all the best throughout the winter.
…Tyler Lancaster

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