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A Bountiful Fishery on The Albany

Wilderness North staffHello from 51 degrees north at Makokibatan Lodge and Outpost cabin.
Like many of you reading this report each week…we continue to be astounded by the productivity of this remarkable fishery along the Albany River. To prove the point, let’s start from the Outpost cabin: This week we welcomed the Ciriacks family from Wisconsin, all of which were Master Anglers. There was Thomas with a 27-inch walleye caught and released on 3/8 chartreuse jig with leeches, and then there was Patrick with his 30-inchMakokGuestPicsaug182010 walleye caught on 1/4 oz jigs with white tails and night crawlers, and finally Kevin with a 28-inch walleye caught on 1/4 chartreuse jig and tails w/leeches. Issac Nate guided the boys and prepared shore lunch and provided them with what they called the “highlight” of their trip.

Aug 18 2010, Makokibatan at Wilderness North

From the lodge: The Donaldson’s from Louisiana emerged from the north with one Master Angler, Rafael Bwith a 26-inch walleye, and had a very exciting trip. We had Wilderness North’s Joe Pichey and former college chum Mitch Kennedy with us this week for four days and Joe’s report has the details of their fabulous trip.

We also welcomed the Cipressi group from New York. Don the musician of the group entertained us, and caught two Master Anglers 26 and 27-inches. George had two as well with a 28-inch and 26 1/2, Michael with a 26-inch, Frank reeled in a 26-inch and last but not least Joe Lewandowski with a 27 incher. The group used jigs and night crawlers to catch there trophies. Issac Nate and Erroll Coaster, two of our native guides also took these boys down river for brookies and had a successful trip…Frank had three brookies and Michael had two – and the shore lunch, as they described it, was GREAT. The group reports that on the first day they caught 250 walleye – EACH – and the second day was easily 300 plus. We can’t leave the main man out of this report, Chief Guide Eli Baxter. This was the Cipressi’s first trip back to Makok in 20 years and Frank said Eli improved his guiding by far in the last 20 years. Can he get any better? Eli took them to a favourite fishing spot and they caught 100 plus walleye over 20-inches.

And finally, here’s a nice note from  Paul Shanahan from Michigan checking in after getting home: “Our biggest walleye was only 24-inches…too short for the books. As you know I was teaching and guiding so my hook was only in the water about 10% of the time. Our guests absolutely LOVED the ‘Makok’ experience. They were meeting this morning to share pics and that is all they talked about. They called ME and told me that. How cool is that? My goal was to make sure that they all had a great time and they did. Thanks to your great personalities, the beautiful Albany River scenery, and the great weather…the trip was great!”

And for now we’ll leave you with this final thought: We always talk about the big one’s, well there’s a small one this week, a 3 1/2 inch sturgeon, released and still alive.
…Meryl and Bernard Carroll

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