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41 Inch Boy Catches 43 Inch Pike!

… And other Surprises

Alan CheesemanWhen eight year old Adam of Grand Rapids Michigan got his photo taken in the pilot’s seat of our deHavilland Beaver, he probably thought, “It doesn’t get any better than this!” But hold the phone. This little tiger took his dad, and our First Nation’s guide, Dan MicKenack, headed out of Strikers Point Lodge, and hooked up with this big northern pike. With a little help from his dad, he landed this lunker off the rocky drop-off of a small island, just west of Best Island. Adam is our youngest Master Angler, and continues to prove the record season 2006 that has become … New Master Anglers every week since May 20th. BTW: Adam lost his two front teeth on the trip as well. Wait until the Tooth Fairy finds out how many teeth Adam’s Pike had…(Can you say Chapter 11 Mr. TF?)

Adam 43in Pike, Wilderness North 2006

Wilderness North conservation anglingWell it turns out the week was full of surprises. Just ask Master Angler Eugene of Granite, Colorado. who caught and released this 43 inch pike on a Mepps # 5 buck tail spinner…and was then visited by a yellow and black MNR float plane, with a conservation officer aboard who checked licenses, stringers, the refrigerator in the cabin, and every suitcase, bag or box that might hold fish. The inspection took 45 minutes, luckily the Csuti’s were in 100%  compliance with their conservation license regulations, just as we taught them in our pre-trip orientation class. 

We think it’s a good thing when anglers and conservation officers meet. It underscores the value of the resource we’re all protecting, and brings into focus the role that fair and firm enforcement plays in conservation. Good anglers in compliance, and good inspections by the CO’s means good fishing for the future.

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