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Great Fishing at Remote Outposts

Here we go…every lake …every group …every day the fishing reports from guests have been good to great. Good is day of 40 walleye per person. Great is closer to 100. As for the northerns the reports are mixed. In our larger lakes guests are finding them in shallows…but mostly late in the day or deep while fishing for walleyes in 18’ of water or more. And true to form, more so on overcast days than those bright blue bird days with ridges of high pressure in the area. Fortunately, we have had a series of “little fronts” push through about every other day, and we have had some exceptionally warm days, near 90, as well. But fishing on the arriving fronts has been exceptional.

In short walleye fishing is good everywhere. Everyone is eating all the walleye they want from all the lakes. Yesterday I had radio report from Yeaman Party of catching 40 walleye each in a couple of hours. They are on Arril Lake. Same is true for guests returning from Dalton, Musgrave, Moose Crossing, and Opichuan. Mostly on jigs, in moving water, deep, deep, deep. Did I mention deep? Bright jigs with bright tails and live bait in about half the cases.

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