2013 Master Angler Program — Wilderness North

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2013 Master Angler Program

As we get ready for the 2013 guest season, I get excited about this year’s potential Master Anglers. I know from past experience that at Makokibatan Lake alone, we have a significant number of Master Angler Walleye and Brookies, caught and released each year.

To become a Wilderness North Master Angler you must catch, photo, and release any Walleye  26 inches or longer, and any Northern Pike 40 inches or longer and, for the first time ever, any Brook Trout 21 inches or longer from any of our destinations. 

Keep in mind, we are a conservation fishery that promotes the release of all Master Angler fish!

We are currently working on a new Master Angler Brook Trout pin—it’s going to be a nice one! At each Wilderness North lodge location and at the McKenzie Base, we will be capturing your info on our MAC’s (Master Angler Catches). What we need is length of fish, lake identification,  what lure or bait it was caught on,  the date it was caught, and a digital photo of said fish. We have created a MAC board (pictured above) that will be posted at the lodges and at the McKenzie Guest House this summer. In addition to this Master Angler Board, we will post your information and photo on the Master Angler section of this website.

A couple things to keep in mind when photographing your trophy catch— to create the least amount of impact on the fish, lift it out of the water and return it to the water very quickly, get a pic of the angler and the fish, and back it goes.  When taking a photo, make sure you NEVER hold the fish in a vertical position, but always keep it horizontal. When releasing Brookies, you have to take extra care as they are a very delicate species, so place them in the water gently and let them slip from your hands.

For more picture tips, send me an email, post a comment below, or give me a call. I would be happy to answer any of your questions.

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