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2013 Angling Season Kick-off

Well, it’s here! The 2013 fishing season is off to a big bang with lots of Master Anglers caught already.
I’m itching for a good shore lunch, but am living vicariously through the lucky ones who are feasting on fresh walleye daily. Somebody has to stay at the office.

Today’s recipe comes from Dave who is currently out at Zig Zag—he’s been kind enough to share his award winning beer batter recipe for us all to enjoy. The recipe is simple, but sounds absolutely delicious.

Dave’s Beer Batter

Beer (one for the batter, one for the cook), flour, seasoning salt, oil (for frying), and a drop of yellow food coloring to make it golden.

Tips & Directions:
1. Mix to pancake batter consistency.
2. Heat the oil in a pan until it is piping hot
3. Place fish pieces into oil. The trick is to dip the cubed fish into the batter and lightly place it into the hot oil, holding the corner until the batter swells and floats the fish. This keeps the fish from picking up crumbs from the bottom of pan.
4. Serve with home fries, homemade beans and fresh bread. I like to eat my beer batter fish with plenty of malt vinegar and homemade tartar sauce. (This is my advice.)

As a side note, in the midst of all the busy times opening up camps and the season start, we were happy to have Alan back home to attend Megan’s Army Cadet graduation. At her annual parade on Sunday, she won 2 awards—Top Green Star Cadet and Best Turned Out Cadet. Along with those awards, she was also granted a promotion to Cadet Corporal!  We are very proud of her and wanted to share this with everyone.

Happy Cooking,

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