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2010 at Makok – A Wild & Crazy Start!

Meryl, Wilderness North staffWell, this week at Makokibatan Lodge  is “Go Pink” week. Some of our guests call their lures “pink ladies” and believe that the walleye all have eyes this week for pink jigs with minnows. These macho men don’t want to admit it, but, we all know they love the colour. The weather has been awesome, this is our third year as managers here at Makokibatan Lodge and never have we seen lower water levels or higher early season temperatures. Temperatures last week reached 34*C  or 93*F. Whew!

The Boucher group, staying at our outpost camp, got tired of catching fish their first evening on the lake with 170 caught and released walleye. Mike from Toronto ended his three day adventure with two Master Angler walleye, a 26″ and 28″, a proud boy he was, to leave such a great impression on the others – he got bragging rights.

Wilderness North guestsThe Gildea group arrived Friday – nine guests trying to set the 2010 record for Master Anglers and have nine so far…ranging from 26″ to 28″…lets keep watching! The Hooper group arrived Saturday, and time will tell what happens there. The Janis group of four also arrived Saturday. Charlie, wearing his biggest smile, got five master anglers, on green jigs and leaches, ranging from 26″ to 29″! Yes!!!!!! 29 inches! Bob had a 27″, Max had two 26″, and Kevin landed a 27.5″. We’ll have their full trip story next week.  In all we have 30 big trophy walleye on the books as of this posting… with lots of good anglers still out there on the water.

Wilderness North guideLegendary guide Eli Baxter says, “low water, lots of fish…and BIG ones.”  We all know Eli knows what he’s talking about. We are excited to have him back for another season, he had his 87th birthday this year….and is still guiding.
…Bernard and Meryl Carroll

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