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Fly Outs

At Wilderness North, we have been busy exploring our region identifying the healthiest of lakes and rivers that consistently deliver shots at trophy fish.  We cater to your level of adventure in our fly-out planning ensuring you experience pristine, wild unmatched fisheries.

Brook Trout – Our fly-out brook trout adventures start at Miminiska Lodge.  Our staff will sit down with you and determine the best plan to ensure you see brook trout environments, which cater to your needs.  Big fish? Numbers of fish? Big water or intimate tributaries? It’s up to you and what you want to do.  We float in NRS Clearwater inflatable drift boats, which provide the utmost in stability, safety and comfort.  We can drift, or drift and wade.  We offer day adventures that consist of day floats back to the lodge or float plane pickup.

Northern Pike – With countless lakes in the region, we have developed a wonderful big-fish fly-out fly fishing program that sees you and your guide dropped off at a backcountry lake for the day.  Boats and motors are already waiting for you, just bring your rods, flies and a willingness to lay witness to a giant northern leviathan.