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canoe trip wabkaimi ontario

Iconic Canada: A Journey Down the Allanwater River

TRAIN in from Toronto
PADDLE by canoe through Wabakimi Provincial Park
FLOAT PLANE out over the Boreal forest.

Connect over an unforgettable 7 nights on a fully guided and outfitted canoe trip through the boreal forest, journeying down rapids, around waterfalls and camping under the stars. Cap off this expedition with 3 days in a full-service wilderness lodge.

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ontario northern lights

Connected Wilderness Retreat

An exploration in the heart of Northern Ontario, this adventure takes you deep into the boreal forests stunning landscapes, remarkable wildlife and deep-rooted history of the Ontario wilderness. You’ll meet local First Nations who will teach you about their way of life, and see Canada the way it was hundreds of years ago. You’ll kayak at sunset, roast marshmallows over a bonfire, and meditate in the silence of the wilderness

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QuintaFly Adventure

Embrace an expedition that highlights the remoteness and excellent fishery of Ontario’s far North. Fly fish for brook trout, camp under the stars, enjoy full-service lodging and cast from your canoe for northern pike and walleye. 

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