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Krista Cheeseman

Krista began with the Wilderness North in 1997, when she was spending the summer housekeeping at Miminiska Lodge. As Krista tells it, “After the season completed, we moved on to a work project where Alan was my boss. And well … 17 years later, two kids, and the company; here we are!” Today Krista and her daughters share in Alan’s passion for the network of lodges they have grown over the years. Multi-talented, Krista is a trained chef who meticulously oversees every menu (and some would say every plate) served to her guests. When she’s not testing recipes she’s managing the sales and marketing team from home base in Thunder Bay.

Alan Cheeseman

In 1992, Wilderness North founder Jack brought Alan Cheeseman on to the team to construct a lodge and maintenance shop at McKenzie Lake near Armstrong, Ontario. Over the years that followed the two built their relationship on a shared love of the North and flying, the cornerstones of the business. It didn’t take long for Alan to catch Jack’s infectious passion for the great outdoors.

In late 2000, Alan and Krista acquired Wilderness North and haven’t looked back since. You will often find Alan working the dock or completing maintenance at the camps, but rarely will you find him in the office!

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